Indonesia Exports 1,000 Tons of Green Beans to China Worth IDR 16.8 Billion

Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo released 1,000 tons of green bean exports. The export value reached IDR 16.8 billion. Syahrul said that this export is one proof of the Indonesian agricultural sector at this time, despite being faced with global challenges such as El Nino so it needs to be encouraged to increase downstreaming green beans to provide added value to the national economy.

“Today I and PT Haniori export green beans to China. I think symbolically 1,000 tons is a part of representing that we have strong resources in agriculture more specifically for green beans,” Syahrul said in his departure, quoted on Tuesday (29/8 /2023).

The export target of agricultural commodities in 2023 was IDR 900 trillion, an increase from the previous year amounting to IDR 658.18 trillion. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture continues to make efforts to increase the volume of exports of green beans and increase the export destination country in order to pursue the export target of agricultural commodities in 2023.

“We are targeting our exports to 2023 to reach IDR 900 trillion. So, the government and business people and others must work together, divide our tasks so that our targets can be achieved. For this green bean, the exports are not only in China, but also later exports will be carried out to the Philippines, Thailand And we encourage businesses to explore the market in Europe, “he stressed.

Keep in mind, in 2022 the volume of green bean exports in total amounted to 16.54 thousand tons with a value of IDR 314.90 billion and in 2023 per August, of 11.15 thousand tons with a value of IDR 211.17 billion The Director General of Food Crops of the Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi added that the area of planting green beans on an average of 140 thousand ha with a production of 230 thousand tons. Harvest age of green beans is 2 months with provitas 1.5 tons/ha. Production costs are relatively cheap IDR 2 to 5 million/ha, as a distraction after planting rice during the dry season with a selling price at farmers IDR 15,000/kg.

“The five areas of origin of the largest green bean production include East Java, Central Java, NTB, NTT, and South Sulawesi with the top 4 export destination countries namely China, Taiwan, Philippines and Japan. On the downstream side, green beans have more than 20 types of derivative products namely porridge beans, porridge porridge, baby food, hunkesoun, wedang round, green bean juice, drinks, bacang, yanko, gandasturi, bakpia, onde onde, peanut brittle, bakpau, biscuits, milk, sprouts, shampoo, feed and others. Open, which is currently only around 10 percent of national production,” Suwandi said.

August 29, 2023, detikFinance