Pepsi Builds First Factory IDR 3 Trillion in Bekasi, Indonesia

PT Pepsico Indonesia Foods and Beverages (Pepsico Indonesia) inaugurated the laying of the first stone for its first snack manufacturing facilities in Indonesia worth US $ 200 million or around IDR 3 trillion. This is certainly good news, because previously Pepsi had left Indonesia.

The inauguration of the commencement of the Pepsi Factory was carried out by the Minister of Investment of the Republic of Indonesia/ Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, United States Trade Attache for Indonesia Melissa Marszalek, CEO of Asia Business Unit Pepso Kitjatan Para (Eric), and CEO of Pepsico Indonesia Asif Mobin.

The start of this manufacturing facility also symbolizes Pepsico’s commitment to ensure a positive contribution to Indonesia’s economic development. This facility also underlines a broader destination: priority to local workers, the use of local raw materials, and strengthening the domestic industrial chain.

The factory, which will be built on an area of 60,000 m2 in Cikarang, West Java, will later produce a number of snack products. This dabel will also be a manufacturing facility that fully applies the principle of sustainability. This factory will implement environmental sustainability and human resource development in the core operation, ensuring its practice remains in harmony with global environmental standards while creating a positive social impact.

In its operation, the factory will use 100% source renewable electricity. Related to water management, Pepsico will implement 100% recycled water utilization and adopt the net water positive approach from the first day of operation, to support ESG initiatives at the regional level. Pepsi considers Indonesia to present unlimited opportunities, especially in the food and beverage industry sector because of dynamic demographic profiles, and the needs of consumers who continue to grow. In addition, the Indonesian government has also taken a policy to foster a dynamic investment climate. In line with this positive climate, Pepsico Indonesia has reiterated its long -term investment commitment in Indonesia.

“We appreciate Pepsico’s long -term commitment to Indonesia’s economic growth through investments that are estimated to reach US $ 200 million. We hope that this investment will bring transfer of knowledge and technology for the people of Indonesia, as well as benefit the community and cooperate with local entrepreneurs and micro businesses, Small and medium (MSMEs) around, “said Bahlil Lahadalia.

Pepsico’s investment not only provides economic benefits, but also opens the way for Indonesian farmers to implement better agricultural practices and technology. With global expertise guided by a positive pepsico strategy (PEP+), Pepsico is ready to empower Indonesian farmers with advanced knowledge of resilience and climate adaptation and sustainable agricultural engineering.

August 30, 2023, CNBC Indonesia