Increasing Marine Environmental Protection, Indonesia and the Philipphines Hold Joint Exercises

The Directorate General of Sea Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation is again participating in the 2024 Marine Pollution Exercise (Marpolex). This time it will be held at the Port of Bacolod, Philippines.

Director of the Sea and Coast Guard Unit, Jon Kenedi said that on Monday (24/6) a ceremony was held to welcome the arrival of the Indonesian Sea and Coast Guard patrol vessel, namely KN.P. 111 Trident. The KPLP Patrol Ship has started its journey from Indonesia to the Philippines from Bitung Harbor since June 19, 2024.

“This welcoming ceremony was led by the Commander of Coast Guard District Western Visayas, Capt. Weniel Azcuna,” said Jon Kenedi in a press release written on Tuesday (25/6/2024).

Jon Kenedi expressed his appreciation for the welcome given by the Bacolod City Government and the Philippine Coast Guard. “On behalf of the Indonesian Government, allow me to express my gratitude to the Bacolod Regional Government for its warm welcome and willingness to host this exercise,” said Kenedi.

The Marpolex 2024 exercise aims to test and evaluate the ability to respond to cross-border oil spills between Indonesia and the Philippines based on the Sulu Sulawesi Oil Spill Response Network Plan 1981. This activity is expected to strengthen cooperation and communication between participating countries, including Japan as an observer.

“This exercise primarily aims to test and evaluate capabilities in responding to tier 3 scale oil spills in the Indonesia-Philippine border waters,” added Kenedi.

Commander KN. Trident, Capt. Satria Aji Yudha also expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome received. “We are very happy to be able to join the training with the Regional Marpolex in Bacolod City. We really hope that this training will be successful, and we can strengthen our relationship with all the participants,” he said.

The main Marpolex 2024 exercise will be conducted on Wednesday with several scenarios, including oil spill response, search and rescue, and fire-fighting operations. “It is hoped that we can all show good cooperation and communication efforts during the training, so that this Regional Marpolex activity can be carried out safely and successfully,” explained Jon Kenedi.

In addition, Jon Kenedi emphasized the importance of long-term cooperation between the Philippine Coast Guard, the Indonesian Directorate General of Maritime Transportation, and the Japan Coast Guard. “It is hoped that this collaboration can be expanded to involve other countries, especially in the Southeast Asia region,” he added.

The Marpolex exercise has become clear evidence of the three countries’ commitment to maintaining and improving the protection of the marine environment. “Marpolex has become clear evidence of our commitment and active involvement in maintaining and improving the protection of the marine environment,” concluded Kenedi.

June 25, 2024, detikFinance