F1PowerBoat Proves Lake Toba Deserves to Hold an International Event

The Lake Toba PowerBoat Formula 1 Motorboat World Championship (F1H20) was successfully held in Balige, North Sumatra on 24-26 February 2023. Said the Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno, this is proof that this destination is suitable to be the location for various international events.
“The implementation of this event marks the readiness of Lake Toba. So if anyone doubts Lake Toba as the host of a world-class event, we can break this (assumption), said Menparekraf Sandiaga in a press conference after playing the F1PowerBoat race at the F1PowerBoat Media Center located at the Harbor His Majesty King Napitupulu, Balige, Sunday (26/2/2023).
Sandiaga said that the implementation of the F1PowerBoat on Lake Toba also proved that Lake Toba was able to put forward the concept of environmental sustainability. In addition, the implementation of the F1PowerBoat has also succeeded in driving the economy of the people around the Lake Toba area, especially in Balige. Based on the data he obtained, Sandiaga said the total economic impact from the implementation of the F1PowerBoat was estimated to reach IDR 300 billion with a target of visiting up to 25 thousand tourists. In the future, Sandiaga said that his party would increase the presence of international-class events on Lake Toba, starting from film festivals to world music festivals.
“So this event will trigger more activity and investment (in Lake Toba) so that we can revive the economy and open up business and employment opportunities,” said Sandiaga.
In addition, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Angela Tanoesoedibjo said the PowerBoat Formula 1 Motorboat World Championship (F1H20) was able to provide a multiplier effect for the surrounding community. F1 Powerboat itself is enjoyed by 180 million pairs of eyes through various media including social media, broadcasting, and so on. Through the most prestigious motorboat racing event in the world, Lake Toba is expected to become an international conversation.
In this racing series, a racer from Stromoy Racing, Bartek Marszalek won first place after bulldozing the 2.2 km circuit for 18 laps. With this result, Marszalek is entitled to 20 points which is an important capital to wade through the next seven rounds in the 2023 F1 Powerboat season.

February 27, 2023, detikTravel

Indonesia Exports 1,502 Tons of Swallow’s Nest Throughout 2022 Value Translucent IDR 23 Trillion

Swallow’s nest (SBW) is one of the commodities exported by Indonesia. Throughout 2022, Indonesia has exported 1,502 tons of swallow’s nest to various countries. Head of the Center for Animal Quarantine and Animal Biosafety, Wisnu Wasesa Putra, said that throughout 2022, the export value of swallow’s nests will reach around IDR 23 trillion.
“We are in the range of IDR 23 trillion. Maybe a clarification, yes. At that time, the Minister of Trade said that the SBW (export value) was up to IDR 500 trillion, that was huge,” he said after a press conference at the Ministry of Agriculture Building, South Jakarta, Wednesday (23 /2/2023).
For information, China is one of the biggest export destinations for swallow’s nests (SBW) for Indonesia. As of December 2022, Indonesia exported 19% or around 288 thousand kilograms (kg) of swiftlet nests to China. However, it is not only China that is the export destination for swallow nests. There are 23 other export destination countries.
“Currently besides China there are 23 destination countries for SBW. And indeed our challenge at this time is to convince ethnic Chinese even though they are in America, in Australia. For Asian markets, the highest exports are to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia. (Swallow’s nest) some are consumed in that country and some are exported back to China,” said Wisnu.
The ten largest SBW export destinations as of October 2022, namely: Hong Kong: 596,994 kg, China: 223,285 kg, Vietnam: 193,038 kg, Malaysia: 39,593 kg, Singapore: 36,741 kg, United States: 24,168 kg, Taiwan: 7,430 kg, Australia: 2106 kg, Canada: 1655 kg, France: 217 kg.

February 22, 2023, detikFinance

History! Indonesia Exports Electric Vehicles to International Markets

PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) made history by conducting the first export of hybrid cars. Not only that, when it comes to electrification vehicles, TMMIN is also the first to export. Previously, cars exported by TMMIN and other manufacturers to foreign countries still carried conventional fuel. The Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix hybrid adds to the long list of Toyota cars ‘made’ in Indonesia that has penetrated foreign countries. The electrified car made in Karawang has finally penetrated the international market.
“Electrified vehicles are part of Toyota Indonesia’s export expansion target going forward, starting with exports of locally produced hybrid vehicles. Today, the first export shipment of hybrid vehicles of the Innova Zenix type was realized,” said Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita in his official statement.
For the first phase, the Kijang Innova Zenix ‘made’ in Karawang will penetrate the Middle East and South America. In 2023, TMMIN targets to export more than 8,000 Kijang Innova Zenix with a composition of 30% HEV type and 70% internal combustion engine (ICE) type to countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. It is hoped that Innova Zenix’s exports will continue to increase from year to year with a target of 17,000 units in 2025 for hybrid and conventional types.
“The first export of the Kijang Innova Zenix would not have been possible without the full support of the Government of Indonesia, strong partnerships from our entire supply chain including small and medium industries (IKM), and community support. Hopefully, we can contribute even more so that we can together grow and increase global competitiveness to meet the development of the Indonesian and global automotive industry,” said TMMIN President Director Warih Andang Tjahjono.
Jokowi appreciates that manufacturers can increase sales of cars and motorcycles in the country. However, according to Jokowi, the increase in sales has exacerbated the congestion. Reflecting on this fact, Jokowi encouraged car and motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia to strengthen the national export market. Because, by doing so, sales will remain large, but will not have an impact on traffic jams.
“Therefore, the automotive industry will be encouraged to enter the export market. The export market will also add value to foreign exchange and continue to be driven by a large ecosystem from upstream to downstream for electric cars,” Jokowi said.

February 21, 2023, detikOto

Jokowi Sets a Record for Passing the Achievements of 5 Indonesian Presidents

The current account set a new record this year. For the first time in 42 years, Indonesia’s current account recorded a surplus of US$ 13.22 billion. When compared with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the current account this year is equivalent to 1% of GDP. This record is the best since 2009 (1.97% of GDP). In the fourth quarter of 2022, the current account touched US$ 4.27 billion or 1.3% of GDP.
The impressive record for the current account was supported by a surge in exports. The Russo-Ukrainian war that erupted almost a year ago soared energy and food commodity prices. Indonesia also has a windfall due to the soaring prices of coal, crude palm oil (CPO), and nickel. Exports of goods were recorded at US$ 292.55 billion in 2022 while imports were recorded at US$ 229.87 billion. Thus, the goods export-import balance recorded a surplus of US$ 62.68 billion. The amount of this export makes the current account balance fattening.
The current account remained swollen even though the service import-export balance recorded a large deficit of US$ 20.04 billion. This value has increased dramatically compared to 2021 which was recorded at US$ 14.6 billion. The big record in the current account also reaffirms Indonesia’s heavy dependence on commodities.
In Indonesia’s history, only four times has Indonesia been able to record a current account surplus of more than US$ 10 billion, namely in 2006, 2007, 2010, and 2022. When compared to GDP, Indonesia’s current account also recorded a high surplus during the commodity boom (2005-2010). The current account in 2006 was recorded at 2.98% of GDP, in 2007 it was recorded at 2.43%, and in 2009 it was recorded at 1.97% of GDP.
These periods were the times when Indonesia experienced a windfall due to the commodity boom. Preferably, when commodities fall, the current account will fall or be in deficit. An example is from 2013-2019. The average current account has indeed penetrated 4.16% in the 1998-2003 period. However, the high current account is due more to the small imports. The uncertain economic situation after the collapse of the New Order and the beginning of the Reform Era meant that the pace of the economy was not moving fast enough and that imports slumped.

February 20, 2023, CNBC Indonesia