Gentala Institute


Business Agency and Management Consultant that intermediary investors between Indonesia and China

Gentala Institute


  • Vast investment opportunities in Indonesia
  • Increasing Chinese investments in Indonesia
  • Indonesia-China dynamic relations in economic, politics and socio-cultural aspects
  • Wide range of operating Chinese companies in Indonesia
  • Indonesian Chinese graduates multi-sector occupational opportunities

Gentala Institute


Becoming actively participating agent in bridging needs and demands between Indonesia and China


  • Holding activities (online and offline) related to improving knowledge on economics, policy-making, domestic politic dynamics and socio-cultural between Indonesia and China
  • Delivering studies and researches facts to enlighten Indonesia-China relations to the public
  • Outreaching not only business sectors, but also public sector (governments) and the third sector in which having correlation to Indonesia-China relations
  • Delivering practical consultancies to partners and clients having needs related to Indonesia-China relations
Our Services

Scope of Concultancy

  • Investment Landing
  • Investment Matchmakings
  • Project Matchmakings
  • Market Researches
  • Media Engagements
  • Community Management and CSR
  • Institutional-based
  • Governmental Institutional Communications
Our Profile

Talents Consolidation

  • Our Co-Founders are graduated from Universities in China namely Peking University, Renmin University and UIBE Beijing.
  • Each of them has unique portfolios participating activities, researches and independent consultancies related to Indonesia-China relations.
  • Our Co-Founders are consolidating in order to gain greater goals on bridging Indonesia-China relations.
  • Besides, we are partnered with China-graduate professionals in their respective sectors.
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