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Beside client-based activities, Gentala Institute also collaborating with friends, colleagues or other stakeholders to held fruitful and positive activities. The purposes of the activities shown here are vary depending on the cooperation scheme and the goals.

Global Youth Vision 2022

On February 19th – 21st , Gentala Institute Co-organizing with Asia-Pacific Youth (China), part of Model APEC China, held Global Youth Vision 2022. Is a webinar event talking on thematic issues. The issue brought up to the event was on the Renewable Energies and the Role of the Youths. The participants are students from China and Indonesia. The students from Indonesia selected only the ones who are studying in Chinese universities.

The goals of the event are about bringing the people-to-people connectivity into closer actions rather to only discussing it at the elite-level conferences. And also to bring renewable energies as a thematic topic to boost-up the awareness on younger generations of Indonesia and China.

Beside class sessions, the participants were also asked to made groups and present their thoughts related to the topics or class sessions’ materials brought by the speakers.

Hopefully Gentala Institute can facilitate more events in order to promote people-to-people connectivity and also relevant topics for wider audiences. We are thankful for our partner in China as personally Gentala Institute Co-Founders already befriends since 2012.

The event release (Chinese and English) can be seen on: mp.weixin.qq.com 

Singkawang Investment Prospect Webinar 2022

On July 11th , Gentala Institute co-organized with Perhimpunan INTI held a program in order to boost regional promotion. The event is held in hybrid (online and offline) at Singkawang Mayor office in Singkawang City, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.

The event discussed about potentials that Singkawang has. Such as airport investment opportunity, fisheries, cold storage, processing factories, etc. Singkawang is a compact city populated by 222.910 people. It is adjacent by the sea and close to the neighboring border with Malaysia. Around 1 hour trip from Singkawang there is also newly-opened port, Kijing International Port which will promote more export of Indonesia local products and commodities to global market.

The event attended online by audiences from Indonesia and other countries such as China and Malaysia.

Through these kinds of events, Gentala Institute is hopeful that many more cities/regencies in Indonesia are recognized by potential foreign investors.

The event media coverage (Indonesian language) for this event: https://pifa.co.id/berita/inti-investment-forum-2022-tingkatkan-promosi-potensi-ekonomi-singkawang, https://www.metrotvnews.com/play/koGCVZzP-inti-gelar-webinar-bahas-prospek-investasi-di-singkawang, https://kalbarprov.go.id/berita/sekda-paparkan-potensi-investasi-kalbar.html, https://internationalmedia.co.id/perhimpunan-inti-selenggarakan-webinar-peluang-investasi-singkawang/

The event media coverage (Mandarin language) for this event: www.guojiribao.com  

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