Wuling Will Increase Electric Vehicle Investment in Indonesia

Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita met with SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd officials in Beijing. Agus encouraged Wuling to increase its production in Indonesia and make Indonesia a production hub for exports.

“We give our appreciation to Wuling which is one of the first companies to fill EV (electric vehicle) cars in Indonesia. Moreover, Wuling has made Indonesia the only EV manufacturing facility outside China,” said Agus Gumiwang in his official statement, Tuesday (18/ 6/2024).

With the rapid development of Wuling’s EV production in Indonesia, he said, so far Wuling has also provided important input in the development of the EV industry in Indonesia. The Minister of Industry conveyed two things related to business development to Wuling. First, to be able to increase and optimize production capacity in Indonesia.

Agus encouraged Wuling to make Indonesia a hub for exporting Wuling products throughout the world, of course outside of Wuling products from China, especially to answer overall market demand.

During the meeting, President Director of PT SGMW Motor Indonesia, Mr. Shi Guoyong said that during the seven years of the company’s operations in Indonesia, Wuling’s investment in Indonesia reached more than US$ 700 million. Wuling has also reached around 130,000 buyers and exported to Thailand.

“Wuling is also the first factory that can produce electric cars and achieves the first 40% Domestic Component Level in Indonesia,” explained Mr. Shi.

He added that the support and incentives provided by the Indonesian government have enabled the company to invest smoothly and can currently produce three types of EV products. Wuling Indonesia also reported that one of Wuling’s stakeholders, namely SAIC Co., is a producer of MG vehicles.

Currently, the company is taking the initiative to increase investment by adding the MG brand to the range of EVs produced by Wuling. Regarding the industrial activities carried out, Mr. Shi conveyed the future plans that Wuling Indonesia will carry out, including exploring the markets of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa.

Then, there are also plans to produce a 7-seater MPV type EV. No less important, Wuling is trying to improve the EV supply system by embracing several Chinese companies to invest in Indonesia.

“We are prioritizing EV development, especially by launching quality products with high technology for both the Wuling and MG brands,” he concluded.

June 18, 2024, detikFinance