Ma’ruf Amin in China: Indonesia Invites Chinese Entrepreneurs in Halal Industry Investment

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin met with the CEO and General Manager of 10 companies from the provinces of Fujian, Guangxi and Shanghai, China. Ma’ruf invited the entrepreneurs to invest and develop the halal industry in Indonesia. The meeting took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Fuzhou Riverside, Fuchou, Fujian Province, China, Friday (9/15/2023). Ma’ruf initially appreciated a number of projects in cooperation between Chinese and Indonesian entrepreneurs in the Republic of Indonesia.

“Appreciation for a number of cooperation projects between Indonesia-China in the Corridor of the Twin Twin Parks (TCTP) Two Countries Cooperation Corridor. Ma’ruf when meeting with Chinese entrepreneurs.

Ma’ruf hopes that there will be an expansion in the halal industry sector. Because, according to him, the market share of halal Chinese and Indonesian products is very potential. Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said the Indonesian government would provide various facilities to invest in the halal sector. Ma’ruf said that currently Indonesia has 3 Halal Industrial Estates (KIH). The regions include Halal Modern Valley in Serang, Halal Industrial Park in Sidoarjo and Bintan Inti Halal Hub in Bintan. Ma’ruf then invited the entrepreneurs to invest in Indonesia in the halal industry sector.

“What is interesting again had met with entrepreneurs, more than 10 big entrepreneurs to invest in halal products, in the (sector) of food, drinks, as well as in fisheries problems and others,” Ma’ruf Amin told reporters At Fuzhou, Fujian, China, Friday (9/15/2023).

“We Indonesia do open up opportunities to provide ease, provide incentives for investors from everywhere, including from China. And we happen to already have the halal industrial area that we offer,” he said.

September 15, 2023, detikNews