Indonesian Shallots Penetrate the Thailand Market Worth IDR 73 Billion

Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo released 96 tons of shallots to Thailand with a transaction value of approximately IDR 3.4 billion. The overall export contract value reached 75 containers or equivalent to IDR 73.5 billion. Syahrul said he was grateful because Indonesia could meet domestic needs and exports of shallots when all countries face extreme weather. So far, shallots are called Indonesian mainstay commodities.
“I always say that shallots are our strengths as Indonesian nations, but we must also remember that we are currently facing El Nino who can interfere with the production of production,” Syahrul said at one of the Brebes Brebes Private Exporting Companies on Wednesday (9 /8/2023).
To anticipate these challenges, Syahrul invited all regional leaders both regents and governors to immediately intervene to help farmers who produce. He wants, agriculture continue to advance and become the main line in strengthening the nation’s economy.
“The threat of El Nino is everywhere but we have to intervene to plant various agricultural commodities. We know that the threat of this heat will make the water lack and disrupt productivity. But the initiative of the regents who struggle to accompany farmers can make us able to pass all the challenges that exist, “he said.
Acting Regent of Brebes, Urip Sihabudin expressed his gratitude for the attention of the Ministry of Agriculture who routinely continued to assist Brebes in increasing production through superior seeds, mechanization technology and access to the capital credit credit (KUR) of Agriculture.
“In fact, we were also helped to carry out the shallots festival as the first festival in Indonesia. With this festival the Brebes people began to realize that shallots could be realized through a high -scale form of high economic scale activities,” he said.
Urip added that the production of shallots in 2022 reached 385 thousand tons. While production in July 2023 reached 195 thousand tons. It is estimated, production at the end of this year can reach 388 thousand tons or increase when compared to 2022.
“And of course, it is all part of the joint endeavor, as well as guidance from the Minister and the whole ranks. We are very grateful for what the Ministry of Agriculture is doing to Brebes shallots farmers,” he said.

August 9, 2023, detikFinance