Indonesia-Malaysia Explores the Cooperation of the Development of KEK Batam Health

Head of Batam Administration (BP) Muhammad Rudi received a visit to the Consulate General of the Indonesian Consulate General in Johor Sigit Sigit S. Widiyanto who was present to Batam with the Kuala Lumpur Healthcare KPJ delegation. This meeting is a continuation of the discussion on the potential of cooperation in the development of an international health economic area in Sekupang. After being able to explore the potential of cooperation with international hospitals several times such as Dubai and India and experienced a number of obstacles. Now, BP Batam feels optimistic that the possibility of cooperation with KJP Johor Bahru can be seriously followed up.
“Requirements from the government, so that we can develop health is to work together with at least one international hospital brand that occupies the top 10 of the world ranking and hospitals that are the main destination for Indonesian people to seek treatment.” said Rudi in a written statement, Monday (7/31/2023).
According to Rusdi, this visit from Malaysia practically brought good news to his party who was developing international health.
“Of course, from BP Batam is very happy, because we are looking for international partners. And the advantages that we have, KEK can present medical personnel from abroad. So that people do not need to seek treatment abroad. The foreign exchange that has been out, is for our own region.” Said Rudi.
Furthermore, Rudi explained that Batam is a strategic area in Indonesia. Batam’s large potential, has been developed through infrastructure development in all lines ranging from roads, airports to ports.
“We are trying to change the face of Batam City. The next 5 to 10 years, Batam will be a very beautiful city, and more interesting for investment,” he said.
This also received a warm welcome from the Consulate General of Consulate General in Johor Bahru Sigit Sigit S. Widianto and OIC KPJ Healthcare Berhad, PN Norhaizam Mohammad.
“For BP Batam and KJP, both of them see a cooperation opportunity to improve health facilities for the people of Indonesia in Batam. Because we need to revitalize new ideas to increase connectivity so as to create mutual benefits of the two regions,” said Sigit.
He acknowledged Batam had developed rapidly. According to him, the strategic location and facilities offered in this KEK are interesting. Likewise, with KPJ Johor who already has international capabilities. Data shows that one million Indonesians regularly every year seeking treatment at KJP Johor. For Indonesia, Malaysia is still the largest country of health tourism visits compared to other countries. The woman who is also the President of Malaysian Society for Quality in Health, is impressed with Batam.
KPJ Healthcare Berhad is the largest private hospital in Malaysia experienced 42 years until now has opened 29 hospital health facilities in Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Australia, including in Jakarta Indonesia.

July 31, 2023, detikFinance