Best Stock Exchange in the Asia Pacific: IDX Composite

Indonesian financial market trading, including the stock market aka IDX Composite in April 2022 officially ended on Thursday (28/4/2022), wherefrom April 29 to May 6, 2022, JCI trading was closed due to Eid long holiday 1443 H. Throughout April this year, the IDX Composite recorded a fairly good performance, where the index of the country’s stock exchange rose to 2.23% point-to-point. In fact, the IDX Composite’s performance in April was the best in the Asia-Pacific region, where the majority recorded a correction. Only the IDX Composite and the Malaysian stock exchange (KLCI) recorded positive performances in April this year.   

            The IDX Composite’s bright streak in April this year was supported by net purchases by foreign investors, where foreigners continued to hunt for Indonesian stocks throughout this month, even though market sentiment continued to fluctuate. Throughout April this year, foreigners have been chasing Indonesian stocks up to Rp40.87 trillion in all markets, with details of Rp17.73 trillion in the regular market and Rp23.14 trillion in the cash market and negotiations.  

            Indeed, from its movement, the IDX Composite also tends to be volatile due to market sentiment which tends to fluctuate throughout April this year. However, the JCI has never touched the psychological level of 6,900 this month. Even in April this year, the IDX Composite still set a record high (all-time high/ATH), where the highest level of the IDX Composite is currently at 7,276.19, which was created on April 21.

April 29, 2022, CNBC Indonesia