TransNusa Officially Operates China-Made Aircraft

PT. TransNusa Aviation Mandiri (TransNusa) officially operates its new fleet comac (Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing) ARJ21-700 which is the first in Indonesia. The new fleet made in China has a PK-TJA registration code and 8B flight code. The operation of the COMAC ARJ21-700 is one of TransNusa’s steps in presenting the rejuvenation of the fleet which also supports the expansion of the low-cost carrier (LCC) flight business brought by the airline.
“Until now, TransNusa has been known to operate using Airbus A320-NEO and A320-CEO. As of April 19, the first COMAC ARJ21-700 aircraft will help strengthen the TransNusa fleet in Indonesia and as a beginning will enliven the Jakarta-Bali sky,” said the President Director TransNusa, Bayu Sutanto in his statement, Friday (4/21/2023).
“We greatly appreciate and thank the government, regulators, airport managers, as well as all parties and institutions that have been involved so that the presence and operation of the first COMAC ARJ21-700 aircraft in Indonesia from TransNusa can be realized and enjoyed by each of our services,” he continued.
COMAC ARJ21-700 TransNusa has a 3-2 single aisle configuration with a capacity of 95 seats. Bayu further explained that the specifications of the COMAC ARJ21-700 aircraft were the best choice of the airline today.COMAC ARJ21-700 presents excellence in its class such as modern devices and the level of reliability with good high-flying skills. This can be seen from the wing curve (sharklets) from the COMAC ARJ21-700 which has a range of up to 27 meters and is supported by two General Electric (GE) CF34-10A machines.
Director and Stakeholder TransNusa Leo Budiman said, the aviation business is a sector that is closely related to the tourism industry. Therefore, it fully supports the program launched by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism which aims to increase the number of tourists visiting Indonesia, while supporting the economic growth of the tourism sector.
“As part of our support for this initiative, we introduce COMAC ARJ21-700 aircraft with extraordinary technology, which is also suitable for the current market, and geographical conditions in Indonesia,” he said.

April 21, 2023, detikFinance