Indonesia Now Export Biomass to Japan and the European Union

            The largest biomass energy provider in Indonesia, PT Internasional Green Energi, opened access to export its products to Japan and the European Union after the company won the Green Gold Label (GGL) Certificate. The certificate indicates that the production of palm kernel shells for biomass products from the company comes from sustainable sources. International Director of Green Energy (IGE) Dikki Akhmar said that the certificate opened up more access for companies to export biomass products to a number of major import countries, such as Japan and the European Union. So far, many countries and regions have given quite stringent requirements to receive biomass products.

            “We have met international standards regarding the need for sustainability certification for products sold or exported. IGE means that it is credible to export to countries that require sustainability certification,” he said in an official statement, Saturday (29/1/2022). The GGL certificate received by IGE is awarded by the Control Union, a certification body based in Zwolle, The Netherlands. GGL standardization is one of the pioneers of sustainable certification schemes for biomass products that have been recognized and applied worldwide.

            The GGL standardization audit process is carried out covering traceability of oil palm plantations from which shell supplies are supplied, energy producer utilities, including energy and carbon data that must be provided in the entire supply chain system.

Jan 29, 2022, DetikFinance


Because of Indonesia, Tin Price Breaks the Highest Record!

The world tin price set a new record high after the release of export data from Indonesia. On Tuesday (11/1/2021), the world tin price was recorded at US$ 40,125/ton, this figure rose 0.52% compared to yesterday’s position of US$ 39,918/ton. Indonesia’s refined tin exports in December reached 7,966.70 tons, according to data from the Ministry of Trade. This number grew 26.10% compared to the previous month. When compared to December 2020, Indonesia’s exports rose 24.94%. In accumulation, Indonesia’s refined tin exports in 2021 will reach 74,671.65 tons. An increase of 14.11% compared to 2020 of 65,435.95 tons.

Indonesia is the second-largest producer of refined tin in the world after China. The significant increase in refined tin exports from Indonesia is a signal that the demand for tin is still high. Exports were led by shipments to Singapore, the Netherlands, and India.

Tin is used in consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and digital via soldering in semiconductors. Demand also comes from the new renewable energy (EBT) sector. Tin solder is a major part of photovoltaic cells, which are the main components that make up solar panels.

Jan 11, 2022, CNBC Indonesia