Meet Jokowi, Putin Offers to Build a Train Project in the New Capital City and Build a Nuclear Industry in Indonesia

President Joko Widodo visited Moscow, Russia. During his visit, Jokowi and Vladimir Putin held talks regarding the potential for cooperation in the Indonesian capital city (IKN). Putin offered Indonesia to build transportation at IKN Nusantara. Putin said Russia and Indonesia have the potential for business cooperation in the development of transportation and logistics infrastructure.

“For example, Russian Railways can take part in implementing Indonesia’s large-scale initiative to move the nation’s capital to the island of Borneo. Moscow can also provide assistance for the IKN Nusantara project. Moscow has developed rapidly and rapidly and has succeeded in raising its high level of quality. IKN Nusantara is an ambitious project”, said Putin, quoted from the official website of the Russian Presidency, Friday (1/7/2022).

In his meeting with Jokowi, Putin expressed his interest in developing Indonesia’s nuclear industry. He said that many Russian energy companies were already operating in Indonesia. “Many of our companies, including energy companies, operate in Indonesia. There is interest in developing the national nuclear power industry. Including projects related to the non-energy use of nuclear technology, for example, in medicine and agriculture,” Putin said.

Putin claims Russian energy companies are quite competent and experienced. Putin also boasted that the technology owned by Russian companies is unmatched. Putin offered the name Rosatom State Corporation which is willing to take part in the development of the joint project. Rosatom is a leading nuclear energy company, with partners in 50 countries around the world.

            Putin really appreciates his meeting with Jokowi. He mentioned Indonesia as one of Russia’s main partners in the Asia-Pacific. Putin reminded Russia’s role and participation in the development in Indonesia.

June 30, 2022, DetikFinance