Indonesia’s Target: Spices Export IDR 29.6 Trillion

Director General of National Export Development (PEN) of the Ministry of Trade, Didi Sumedi, said that the export target of Indonesian spices could reach US $2 billion or IDR 29.60 trillion (exchange rate of IDR 14.800) in 2024. This target is carried out through the Spice Up The World program according to the mandate of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).
“This is also an important part of the government program, the mandate of the President, Spice Up the World. This is launched in 2024 we can increase the spices and various kinds of spices to US $2 billion. While we export US $1.03 billion,” He said in the release of spice export products and fast food to Saudi Arabia at PT Pangansari Utama Head Office, Jakarta, Friday (12/5/2023).
For information, Indonesia Spice Up The World is one of the government programs that involve across ministries/institutions in an effort to increase the marketing of Indonesian spices or food products and spices. Through this program, the government also wants to build an Indonesian culinary business in foreign countries. The target in 2024 Indonesia will have 4.000 restaurants abroad. At present, there are already around 1.700 restaurants abroad.
Indonesia is now competing with Thailand in business in the culinary sector. Yet according to Didi, Indonesia is seeded with the presence of more significant natural resources. He also encouraged increased trade with Saudi Arabia. It is planned that billionaires from Saudi Arabia will meet Indonesian representatives on 30-31 May.
“We convey to increase the intensity of trade with Saudi Arabia. On May 30-31, we will do business forums by inviting some big brothers from Saudi. What can be done,” he concluded.

May 12, 2023, detikFinance