Indonesia’s Participation in Hainan Expo 2023 Strengthens Relations With China

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Angela Tanoesoedibjo conveyed that Indonesia’s active participation in ‘Hainan Expo 2023’ is a form of commitment to strengthen relations with China. Especially, in developing tourism through connectivity and the creative economy.
“The relationship between Indonesia and China in trade and tourism over the past few years has shown a big progress. Where in 2021 alone, we exported goods worth US $ 53.78 billion to China,” she said in a written statement on Thursday, (13/4 /2023).
The ‘Hainan Expo 2023’ itself is one of the largest Consumer Goods product trading products in China which was attended by 65 countries. Indonesia itself became one of the main participants in the exhibition, which took place from April 11–15, 2023. Brands such as Kapal Api and Good Day became one of a number of products that were in the 198 m2 booth.
Angela hopes that Indonesia’s participation can open more opportunities for market expansion and further cooperation between the two countries. Because the contribution of Indonesia’s creative economy to national GDP is the third largest in the world, which is almost 8%, with the main driving force of the culinary, fashion, and craft subsectors.
“Realizing this potential, Indonesia focuses on developing tourism products and innovative, high-quality, high-quality and high-quality creative economy products. And in line with our vision to carry out sustainable economic development,” she said.
Angela explained that during the pandemic there was a paradigm shift, where the perpetrators of Ekraf could reach a wider market with technology. To fulfill this request, business actors must continue to innovate to remain competitive and competitive. Therefore, she continued, since 2020 the Indonesian government has empowered the creative economy’s MSMEs to adapt. Through the proud national movement made in Indonesia, which involves various stakeholders in training, assistance, marketing, and digitalization to support MSMEs.
“As a result, the value of Indonesia’s creative economy exports increased from US $ 18.8 billion in 2020 to US $ 25 billion in 2022,” she added.
Angela also added that at this time Indonesia’s creative economy was focused on the game industry and events through the program to accelerate the development of the game industry, as well as ease of regulation in the licensing of the event.

April 13, 2023, detikFinance