Indonesian Furniture Sells Well in Europe and the United States for up to IDR 4.6 Trillion

Indonesian furniture and handicraft products have long been known and have attracted attention from local buyers to various countries. This is proven by the large number of buyers at the Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2024 exhibition. The international exhibition, which was held from 29 February to 3 March 2024, attracted 13,730 international buyers from 117 countries in the world. IFEX 2024 recorded on-site transactions of US$ 300 million or IDR 4.6 trillion (exchange rate IDR 15,494).

The countries with the most buyers are Europe, Australia, China and the United States, as well as additional developing countries such as India, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

“We see the transactions that occurred during the exhibition as a realization of the positive economic growth target that we mentioned at the beginning. In the midst of current global economic conditions, these results prove that our furniture industry is able to make a significant contribution to the national economy,” said the General Chair of the Industrial Association Indonesian Furniture and Crafts (HIMKI), Abdul Sobur in his statement, quoted on Saturday (9/3/2024).

He is quite confident that next year the IFEX exhibition will again attract more participants and buyers. IFEX 2025 will be held again next year on March 6-9, 2025.

On this occasion, Sobur also reiterated the importance of the government’s role in supporting the anti-export policy of furniture raw materials, including rattan. “This is an effort to maintain the availability of our raw materials and ensure that our industry will continue to grow and develop,” he said.

It cannot be denied that the skilled hands and high creativity of Indonesian craftsmen are able to make very unique furniture and craft products from quality materials. Like the wood products from Bantul which provide TV table furniture, cupboards and mirrors from 3 types of wood, namely mango, suar and mindi which come from Klaten because they are famous for their strength and seem more natural, this product has penetrated the Australian and European markets.

Then the Lukis Chair rattan chair is part of the collection from the Cappellini furniture brand in Italy because it is minimalist and eccentric. As well as lots of distinctive shaped furniture such as bedroom lamps, hand-painted porcelain flower vases, sofas and others. The consistency of craftsmen in prioritizing the quality of their products is the attraction of Indonesian furniture and craft products so that they are popular with local and international visitors.

Based on exhibition experience in previous years, IFEX organizers released data that during the exhibition, products made in Indonesia were not only sought after by buyers from various cities in Indonesia, more than 30% of buyers came from France, Italy, England, Korea, Singapore, India, and other countries including America.

March 9, 2024, detikFinance