Indonesia Will Have the Largest Hydropower Plant in Southeast Asia, Here’s the Progress

The construction of the Kayan Hydro Power Plant (PLTA) project by PT Kayan Hydro Energy (KHE) is currently in the road construction stage. Director of Operations of PT KHE Khaerony said that later this PLTA will become the largest power plant in Southeast Asia. He said that the hydropower plant will have an integrated power source and become the main power source for the Tanah Kuning-Mangkupadi Industrial and International Port (KIPI) Zone, North Kalimantan. Meanwhile, PT Indonesia Strategic Industries (ISI) is the manager of the industrial area and PT Pelabuhan Internasional Indonesia (PII) which is the developer of international ports to support industrial areas.

With an investment value of more than US$ 17 billion or equivalent to Rp252.49 trillion, assuming an exchange rate of Rp14,852. PT KHE also cooperates with foreign partners. Many mentioned, the foreign partner who entered was Sumitomo from Japan.

The Kayan Cascade hydropower plant which was built by PT KHE utilizes the area along the Kayan river and consists of 5 dams with 5-6 units of generating turbines per dam. The first stage of the Kayan Cascade hydropower plant has a capacity of 900 Megawatts (MW), the second stage is 1,200 MW, the third and fourth stages are 1,800 MW each, and the fifth stage is 3,300 MW.

The development of this hydropower plant has good prospects, and creates jobs for residents around the location, residents of Tanjung Selor and the people of North Kalimantan in general, many parties provide support. In working on this project, KHE deliberately involved local contractors and workers. The empowerment of local contractors and workers is not without reason. This is done so that the surrounding community can also benefit from this project.

Kayan Cascade 1 hydropower plant is targeted for completion in 2026. For Cascade 2-5, parallel work is also being carried out. While Cascade 2-5 each takes 2-3 years from Cascade 1.

August 27, 2022, detikFinance