Indonesia is Now the Supplier of Live Chickens to Singapore

A neighboring country, Singapore, is now getting a supply of live chickens from Indonesia. This was marked by the first export of 23 thousand live chickens to Singapore conducted by the Japfa Group. The export of live chickens by sea. The chicken results from the cultivation of PT Ciomas Adisatwa in Bintan Regency, Riau Islands, a subsidiary of PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk. This export is an important milestone for new shipping options to supply fresh chickens to Singapore by sending live chickens by sea and slaughtered in the destination country.
“With strict requirements from the country, Japfa succeeded in meeting Singapore’s requests and standards. A total of 1,500 tons or around 900,000 live chickens are targeted to be exported to Singapore in 2023. The first delivery of live chickens in the first history is a collaboration between Japfa, the government of Indonesia, Singapore, and other stakeholders, “said the Director of Japfa, Harwanto in a written statement, quoted Sunday (5/14/2023).
Now Japfa plays an essential role in providing food ingredients for people in the Asian region. By promoting high-quality standards, food safety, and corporate governance, Japfa has the capacity to meet Singapore’s food security strategies.
“We are happy to be able to contribute to Singapore’s food security strategies by providing fresh chicken for local consumers,” said the Tan Yong Nang JAPFA Group (Ltd), Chief Executive Officer.
On the other hand, the Director General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nasrullah, said that this export proves that Indonesian livestock products have good quality and can meet food security guarantees in accordance with international standards.
“As we also know, the potential for the production of national chicken meat in 2022 was recorded as many as 3.67 million tons. This shows that Indonesia is a country that is able to supply the needs of poultry and its derivative products not only for the people of Indonesia but are ready to supply global food needs,” he explained.
He said export feasibility standards were proven by some local and international certifications, such as Avian Influenza (AI) free compartment certificates, veterinary control number certificates (NKV), halal product certificates, and the application of ISO 2200 Quality Issue Management, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), and Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ambassador in Singapore, Suryo Pratomo said the export of chickens lived to Singapore as a sign of increasing trade cooperation.
“This export is a milestone that marks an increase in more cohesive trade cooperation between Indonesia and Singapore. This export is also a concrete follow-up of the meeting between the two leaders in the Leaders Retreats last May in Singapore. Previously Indonesia succeeded in exporting frozen chickens and Processed chicken products since June last year, “he said.
Meanwhile, in the Indonesian Trade Attaché in Singapore, Billy Anugrah, in 2022, Indonesia is expected to import 228,000 tons of chicken, both live chickens, chilled or frozen chicken, and processed chicken products. The majority of chickens come from Brazil (51%), Malaysia (24%), the United States (11%), and other countries (14%).

May 15, 2023, detikFinance