Indonesia Exports 1,502 Tons of Swallow’s Nest Throughout 2022 Value Translucent IDR 23 Trillion

Swallow’s nest (SBW) is one of the commodities exported by Indonesia. Throughout 2022, Indonesia has exported 1,502 tons of swallow’s nest to various countries. Head of the Center for Animal Quarantine and Animal Biosafety, Wisnu Wasesa Putra, said that throughout 2022, the export value of swallow’s nests will reach around IDR 23 trillion.
“We are in the range of IDR 23 trillion. Maybe a clarification, yes. At that time, the Minister of Trade said that the SBW (export value) was up to IDR 500 trillion, that was huge,” he said after a press conference at the Ministry of Agriculture Building, South Jakarta, Wednesday (23 /2/2023).
For information, China is one of the biggest export destinations for swallow’s nests (SBW) for Indonesia. As of December 2022, Indonesia exported 19% or around 288 thousand kilograms (kg) of swiftlet nests to China. However, it is not only China that is the export destination for swallow nests. There are 23 other export destination countries.
“Currently besides China there are 23 destination countries for SBW. And indeed our challenge at this time is to convince ethnic Chinese even though they are in America, in Australia. For Asian markets, the highest exports are to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia. (Swallow’s nest) some are consumed in that country and some are exported back to China,” said Wisnu.
The ten largest SBW export destinations as of October 2022, namely: Hong Kong: 596,994 kg, China: 223,285 kg, Vietnam: 193,038 kg, Malaysia: 39,593 kg, Singapore: 36,741 kg, United States: 24,168 kg, Taiwan: 7,430 kg, Australia: 2106 kg, Canada: 1655 kg, France: 217 kg.

February 22, 2023, detikFinance