Indonesia Cooperated China Working on a Bridge Worth Rp 1 Trillion

The Chinese contractor will build a 700 meter long bridge in Pontianak. The construction of this bridge was initiated by a local company PT Kapuas Berkah Divine in collaboration with the Shanghai China State Construction Development Development Contractor. Director of Kapuas Berkah Divine Karsono said that this project would be worked on by the government’s cooperation scheme with a business entity alias PPP. The construction is claimed without using the APBN and APBD. He himself prepared an investment fund of up to Rp 1 trillion more to build a bridge that would be named the Garuda Bridge. The bridge connects Jalan Bardan and Siantan.

This bridge was built with a total stretch of 700 meters including the arrangement of the road on the land side, the main span itself along 365 meters. The width of the bridge will be made as long as 30 meters. In addition, this bridge is also claimed to have advantages in the form of hydroelectric power plant features. It will utilize the Kapuas River flow under the bridge to generate the electricity needed for the bridge. According to him, this was the first time done in Indonesia.

“The advantage is to use hydropower technology. Using a tidal water generating technology, this will be the first bridge with independent power in Indonesia, not using PLN electricity but river currents. For example for lights and so forth,” said Karsono.

The plan, this bridge is targeted to be ground breaking in March 2023. His party is still waiting for the Ministry of Public Works and Public Works’ recommendations to carry out development. If all according to plan, if in March the ground breaking can be carried out, it will carry out the construction of a bridge for 14 months.

“If March can already ground breaking, maybe in mid 2024, in June, the construction can be completed,” concluded Karsono.

Pontianak Mayor Edi Rusdi Kamtono explained that this bridge was very much needed to support the accessibility of the Pontianak city center towards the northern region. So far, mobility still relies on a ferry that takes a long time.

February 2, 2023, detikFinance