Market Capitalization of Allo Bank (BBHI) Enters the Top 10!

            Indonesia Composite Index (ICI) (well-known as IDX Composite) managed to record a positive performance last week and also managed to set a new record high in last weekend’s trading. Shares of PT Allo Bank Tbk (BBHI) managed to enter the top 10. According to data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), last week, the ICI rose 0.49% point-to-point. In trading on Friday (21/1/2022) last weekend, the ICI closed up 1.5% to 6,726.37. During the week, the value of IDX Composite transactions tended to fall to Rp57.58 trillion. However, foreign investors still recorded a net buy of Rp1.24 trillion in the regular market. Of the total 10 largest market capitalizations (big-cap), as of Friday last weekend, it rose to Rp3,446 trillion, from the previous Rp3,402 trillion.

            Stocks that experienced a decline in market cap at the end of last week were PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BBRI) shares which fell to Rp626 trillion, PT Astra International Tbk (ASII) shares which also fell to Rp227 trillion, and shares in PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR) to Rp158 trillion. Meanwhile, of the stocks that experienced an increase in market cap, PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (TLKM) shares had the largest increase in market cap last week, which increased by Rp. 14 trillion to Rp429 trillion.

            Digital bank PT Allo Bank Tbk (BBHI) shares last weekend managed to occupy the top 10 big-cap stocks of over Rp100 trillion with a market cap of Rp132 trillion. Market capitalization or market cap is the market value of an issuer, the multiplication of the share price with the number of shares outstanding in the market, the greater the market cap value of the issuer, the greater the influence of the movement on the IDX composite movement.

Jan 24, 2022, CNBC Indonesia


Giant Moves Closer, Allo Bank Becomes a Serious Player for Indonesian Digital Bank

            Several leading technology companies in Southeast Asia have announced that they will invest in Indonesian digital bank issuers, marking the entry of Allo Bank Indonesia as the newest major player from the new economy sector into the banking industry in Indonesia. Several large companies such as CT Corp, Salim Group, PT Tbk (BUKA), Grab, Traveloka, Carro, and Growtheum Capital Partners to PT Allo Bank Indonesia Tbk (BBHI) will further enlarge Allo Bank’s business ecosystem going forward.

            The seven companies stated that they would absorb a total of 70% of new shares in the corporate action to increase capital with Pre-emptive Rights (HMTED) or PT Allo Bank Indonesia Tbk (BBHI) rights issue worth Rp4.8 trillion. The new shares from the rights issue will be traded on the IDX from January 13 to 19. PT Tbk (BUKA) will hold 11.49% stake in Allo Bank, Salim Group will hold 6.00% stake, two Singapore-based companies, Grab and Carro, both through separate affiliates, will each hold 2, 07% and 0.69%, while CT Corp will hold a 1.88% stake.

            The investment into Allo Bank by Bukalapak, Grab and Carro is the latest example of growing interest among technology companies in the ASEAN region in Indonesia’s digital banking sector. Previously, Indonesia’s largest private technology company GoTo has invested in and owns 21.4% shares of digital lender Bank Jago, while Singaporean technology conglomerate Sea Ltd has transformed Bank Kesejahteraan Ekonomi into SeaBank’s digital bank in Indonesia after the acquisition.

            “Online and offline ecosystems are now in the bank, and with the right strategy, leadership, execution, and technology, Allo Bank become a serious challenger in Indonesia’s digital banking landscape,” added the multinational financial services provider from the United States (US), Citi.

Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) relaxed foreign ownership rules on banks last year, which is likely to spur more regional technology players to enter the banking business. Mini-banks in Indonesia need to raise funds to meet minimum capital requirements, while technology companies see opportunities to take a stake in an industry they see as the next growth sector.

January 7, 2022, CNBC Indonesia