United States Company Will Build a ‘Nuclear Reactor’ in Indonesia Worth IDR 17 Trillion

PT Thorcon Power Indonesia, a nuclear reactor company from the United States, is targeting the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Indonesia which can operate in 2032 with an investment of IDR 17 trillion. This was as revealed by the Director of TPI Operations, Bob S. Effendi. He said that his party planned the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Indonesia with a capacity of 500 Mega Watt (MW) with an investment of IDR 17 trillion. He claimed, the PLTN development plan had been communicated by his party to the government in this case the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment.

“So, we plan to build a nuclear power plant which hopes to be the first and at this time we have also communicated to the ESDM National Energy Council and maybe there is also Mr. Rachmat Kaimuddin as well as the Marves Ministry. We will build this 500 MW of the Nuclear Power Plant with Investing around IDR 17 trillion, “Bob told CNBC Indonesia in the Energy Corner program, Tuesday (4/30/2024).

To be able to realize the plan, Bob said that his party was currently preparing a proposal that would later be submitted to the government to be able to support the development of the first domestic nuclear power plant. Bob said that his party planned the construction of a nuclear power plant with a trillion of rupiah investment value to be built in Bangka Belitung Province, which itself was targeting the project to be able to operate in 2030.

“We hope that we will place it in Bangka Belitung, in Bangka Belitung Province and in 2030 we can operate. And we are sure this can be a practical solution for energy transition, namely, to stop coal steam power plants,” he said.

Indeed, Indonesia is currently encouraging the energy transition program to switch to new renewable energy sources to rend the position of coal as primary energy in Indonesia. Bob rate, nuclear through nuclear power plants can replace this position with the characteristics of the availability of qualified energy such as coal.

According to his calculations, with the investment value of the first nuclear power plant which is also expected to be the first nuclear power plant in Indonesia, an investment of IDR 17 trillion can produce production and development calculations of up to US $ 1,000 per kilo Watt (KW). Later, the selling price of US $ 6 cents is considered to be profitable. That way, he considered that being able to produce ‘clean’ electricity could also be an option for the government and for PT PLN (Persero) to provide electricity sources from new renewable energy in Indonesia.

April 30, 2024, CNBC Indonesia