The 10th  World Water Forum in Bali and the Contents of the Ministerial Declaration

President Joko Widodo opened the 10th World Water Forum Forum (WWF) this morning in Bali, Monday (5/20/2024). This international forum will discuss various important issues in the water sector. In this 10th World Water Forum, Indonesia had the opportunity to host. The event was attended by around 35 thousand delegates from 193 countries in the world. In addition to government officials from various parts of the world, on this occasion also attended the richest people on earth as well as SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk.

“Welcome to Bali. It is an honor for Indonesia to be trusted to host the 10th Dunai Water Forum to strengthen joint commitments and formulate concrete inclusive and sustainable water management,” Jokowi said, at the Bali International Convention Center (BICC) on Monday (5/20/2024).

Water resource management is a big homework for the world going forward. Jokowi said, of the 72% of the surface of the earth covered with water, only 1% can be accessed and used as drinking water and sanitation. Severe conditions are also projected to occur in 2050. 

Indonesia itself, as a country with a waters area reaching 60% has great potential. 

“Indonesia is rich in local wisdom of water management. Starting from along the coastline, riverbanks, to the edge of the lake. Our society has cultural values ​​to water. One of them is a subak irrigation system in Bali which was practiced since the 11th century and is recognized as a world cultural heritage , “he said.

In addition, he also exhibited culture in Balinese society where water is a glory that contains spiritual values ​​and culture that must be managed together. This is in line with this year’s WWF theme, water for joint prosperity. Jokowi explained, this theme can be interpreted into 3 basic principles, namely avoiding competition, prioritizing equity and inclusion cooperation, and supporting peace and prosperity together.

“All three can only be realized with a keyword, namely collaboration. In Indonesia Collaboration has become the key to success in the restoration of the Citarum River, as well as the development of green energy, solar panel floating in the Cirata Reservoir which is the largest in Southeast Asia and third in the world,” Jokowi said.

With the gathering of various stakeholders in Bali this time, Indonesia hopes that the world can join hands with continuity to be able to strengthen the commitment of collaboration in overcoming global challenges related to water.

In addition, the 10th World Water Forum, which was held on May 18-25, 2024, in Bali produced a new milestone. For the first time in its implementation, this forum produced a ministerial declaration to strengthen global water security. The ministerial declaration was passed at the end of the 10th WWF Ministerial Level meeting which was attended by 106 countries and 27 international organizations on Tuesday (5/21). The result was revealed by the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) who is also the 10th Daily Chairperson of the WWF Organizing Committee, Basuki Hadimuljono.

The first point is the establishment of a center of excellence for water and climate security in order to develop capacity, knowledge sharing & utilization of superior facilities. 

The second point of the Ministerial Declaration is to lift and encourage the issue of integrated water resource management on small islands. Although surrounded by broad waters, Indonesia is considered to still need a good management system to overcome the challenges of quality and availability of clean water. 

Third, the proposal for World Lake Day or World Lake Day which will then be brought to the United Nations (UN). The lake is a source of water supply that supports humans as well as having a social and economic function of the community so that the commemoration of World Lake Day is considered one of the main keys to preserve the lake throughout the world.