Russia and Ukraine War, IDX Composite Direct Dropped 2,3%!

            IDX composite fell as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. IDX continues to be in the red zone since this morning. The IDX composite this morning was observed to have weakened since pre-trade. In pre-trading, the JCI fell 7 points (0.11%) to 6,912. While the LQ45 index also fell 3 points to the level of 981. Then at 9:05, the IDX  was still declining today. JCI fell 22 points or 0.33% to a level of 6,817. Meanwhile, the LQ45 index was also at the level of 981 or down 4 points (0.41%). At the close of the first trading session, the JCI stopped at the level of 6,807 down to 112 points or 1.63%. The LQ45 index also fell 1.54% or fell 15 points to 969. When trading reopened, the JCI continued to fall. JCI even fell by 159 points or 2.31% to the level of 6,760. The LQ45 index fell 22 points, or 2.23%, to 963.

            However, based on Artha Sekuritas’ research, the IDX has the potential to penetrate the all-time high. Globally, there are still concerns about the tensions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, there is a daily increase in Covid-19 cases within the country, although they are being neglected.

Feb 24, 2022, DetikFinance (