Jokowi Inaugurated Tilapia Fish Cultivation Modeling: Demand World Market

President Joko Widodo inaugurated the modeling of saline tilapia cultivation ponds in Karawang, West Java. Jokowi said the world market demand for tilapia is very large.

“The world market demand is very large. In 2024 alone IDR 14.4 billion US dollars means less than IDR 230 trillion, very large,” said Jokowi, at the Aquaculture Production Business Service Hall, North Pusakajaya Village, Karawang, Wednesday (8 /4/2024).

Jokowi asked that this opportunity be utilized well. Jokowi said this pond has the potential to produce 80 tons of fish per hectare.

“Therefore, we have to take advantage of this large demand but also don’t immediately make it big. I agree that a model should be made first, there will be modeling first. If the modeling is correct, what I was informed about is that the usual 1 hectare will only be 0,” “6 tons per hectare will become 80 tons per hectare and this will later be able to transport, opening up huge employment opportunities,” he said.

Jokowi said the government had calculated the budget to build similar ponds in other areas. The budget amounts to IDR 13 trillion.

“Earlier, the minister and the Director General said that 78 thousand hectares is approximately how much the budget will need. It has been calculated that it is around IDR 13 trillion. I said that if IDR 13 trillion from Banten to East Java, from Serang to Banyuwangi everything can be done, I think it will transport “The workforce is very large,” he said.

“Opening up huge job opportunities. IDR 13 trillion is not a lot of money so we will look at this first. Then if it is very visible I will prepare it in the 2025, 2026 APBN and I will whisper to the new government to the elected president that this big dream “It can really be realized,” he said.

May 8, 2024, detikNews