Indonesia-US Cooperation to Build Electricity Networks in Remote Areas

The Government of Indonesia and the United States Government (US) plans to establish cooperation to develop a new renewable energy mini (EBT). This follows a meeting conducted by the President of the United States (US) Joe Biden with President Joko Widodo in Washington, Monday (3/11/2023) local time. Citing a press release from the White House, the two country leaders will continue to establish close cooperation in the partnership of funding with the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) worth US $ 20 billion announced at the G20 Summit in 2022 in Bali. Following up on this matter, Biden also announced new programs in his efforts to overcome the climate crisis. One of them is to establish cooperation to support the development of renewable mini energy electricity networks in Indonesia.

“USTDA intends to partner with PLN in the feasibility study of a renewable mini energy network in five remote locations in eastern Indonesia,” wrote the White House, Tuesday (11/14/2023).

The White House said that the JETP project developed a replication strategy for the implementation of a wider renewable mini energy network throughout the region. The project is planned to be implemented by the US TQ Automation company in a public-private partnership with the National Laboratory of the US Energy Department under Net Zero World Initiative. In addition, in order to advance the planning of energy transitions in Indonesia, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will also support BUMN in developing its energy transition plan.

The US Department of Energy plans to cooperate with Indonesia through Net Zero World Initiative to evaluate the scenario of termination of coal, renewable energy determination, and electrification modeling. Both of these efforts aim to accelerate the integration of new and renewable energy sources and support policy reform based on JETP’s investment plan and comprehensive policy.

November 15, 2023, CNBC Indonesia