Again and again! Indonesia’s Trade Balance Surplus 26 Consecutive Months, Now US$ 5 Billion

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) again reported that Indonesia’s trade balance in June 2022 experienced a surplus of US$ 5 billion. The surplus occurs because the balance of exports is greater than imports. Head of BPS Margo Yuwono said exports in June 2022 were recorded at US$ 26.09 billion. Meanwhile, imports in June were valued at US$ 21 billion, up 12.87% compared to last month. Thus, Indonesia again experienced a trade surplus because exports were greater than imports. It is known that this month Indonesia experienced a trade surplus of US$ 5 billion.

June 2022 Exports Reach US$ 26.09 Billion, Up 40.68%

“Exports were recorded at US$ 26.09 billion. An increase of 21.30% compared to May 2022. Annually exports also rose 40.68% compared to last June 2021. The composition of exports was supported by oil and gas and non-oil and gas. Non-oil and gas rose 22.71% for oil and gas 2.45%. Meanwhile, exports in June compared to June last year increased by 40.68% and non-oil and gas were 41.89%, while oil and gas were 23.68%, forestry agriculture by 23.30%, processing industry by 29.21%, and other mining by 6.22%. When viewed per sector, the highest month to month in the manufacturing industry group was 29.21%. If you look at the drivers of increasing exports of the palm oil processing industry, garments made from textiles,” said Margo Yuwono.

July 15, 2022, DetikFinance