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Business Agency and Management Consultant that intermediary investors between Indonesia and China

As stated in the name itself, Gentala Institute is projected on collaborating with experts in investment, business and management, international business and trade, or related fields to participate in our associate research and writing program. Reward awaits!

Article requirements:

    • In English
    • 800 words Ms Word standard
    • Original works (never been published)
    • Topics coverage as mentioned above

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A research arm of Gentala Institute provides a wider audience towards insightful and effective content.


    1. Chinese companies interested in investing in Indonesia
    2. Chinese companies already investing and operating in Indonesia
    3. Indonesian companies seeking knowledge towards Chinese business-related issues
    4. Indonesian decision-makers coming from various industry backgrounds

We understand that:

    1. There are real issues happening on the field, sometimes previously unpredicted by foreign investors. This is mainly contributed by the comfortable way of lobbying the elites on the top, rather than going down to grassroots. Grassroot communities are part of the companies. Operating companies 24/7 co-existing with local communities, individuals, and the physical environment. Because in local communities, there goes the saying ‘di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung’ when in Rome, do as the Romans.
    2. The central government and local government most of the time have differences as our political ideology has circumcisional differences with China.
    3. Many of the foreign investors (PMA) especially those coming from China had fewer effective ways of approaching the locals. These matters will bring more troubles and turbulences in the field in the future times.
    4. There are fewer opportunities for sharing ideas and updating the most recent methods on solving real issues closely related to companies’ operatives in better manners. Ideas might be appeared towards guided talks and discussions, that Gentala could facilitate just that.
    5. Uncertainties in business required companies to make timely decisions based on insightful researches.

Research topics are focusing on:

    1. Social and community. The research scope includes but is not limited to:
      • The affluence of the company can be acknowledged by field research. Sound and hospitable companies towards communities will lead to the sustainable presence of the business;
      • Effective CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a challenging matter when companies are unable to channel their fair share (as regulated) contributed back to communities. Having researched on companies’ image will help clients to reflect on realities on the fields, rather only depending on elites’ favors;
      • Local communities’ acts are based on what the dominant figures said. The research will help clients to identify and open access to communicate with such figures;
      • Social Mapping and Social Impact Assessment are necessary for investing companies to understand better local communities.

    2. Market and sales. The research scope includes but is not limited to:
      • Market and sales figures with real situations on the field;
      • Competitor’s insights on the fields.

    3. Government and policies. The research scope includes but is not limited to:
      • Central and local government impressions on companies operating in Indonesia;
      • Policies are related to changes in political and economic issues.

    4. Media and information. The research scope includes but is not limited to:
      • Jakarta-based and local-based media outlets impressions on companies;
      • Good and not-so-good news balance observations;
      • Fact-checking and hoax-busting.

    5. The research scope includes but is not limited to:
      • Physical threat assessment and mitigations;
      • Asset protection and situational awareness;
      • Exit strategy on unfortunate events

Applicable to various industries, but we are focusing on industries below:

    • Plantations
    • Mining
    • Agriculture
    • Healthcare
    • Tourism and entertainment
    • Media and content-industry
    • Renewable Energies
    • Logistics and supply chain
    • IT-related
    • MICE

Research Assistance Details

    1. Planning
      • Setting up research objectives and tools
      • Settling on contract values
      • Assessing client on specified needs
      • Seeking relevant research partners, especially the ones whose ‘own the issues’
    2. Organizing
      • Organizing a research team
      • Contract signing with agreed contract value and objectives
      • Reconfirm on research needs
    3. Actuating
      • Field research
      • Approaching relevant stakeholders
      • Research report drafting
    4. Controlling
      • Timely coordinating with client on research findings
      • Corroborating facts, news, findings, etc.
    5. Evaluation
      • Final report drafting
      • Client’s feedback gathering
      • Final report hand-in
      • Planning on next interventions/activities related to the research

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